'Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.'

PE in Kernow Learning schools is all about developing physical literacy and a love of movement at primary level, with a focus on leadership skills, health and wellbeing. This puts Physical Education at the heart of our educational agenda– ensuring young people are well enough to learn and have developed a range of personal competencies that will help them in the classroom and beyond." Kernow Learning Trust is keen to address the negative stereotype of PE being all about prowess in sport and rather reposition it to enhance lifelong skills.


Curriculum Intent

Our PE curriculum is designed to cover all The National Curriculum requirements for PE and beyond by offering a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, high participation in sporting events and a focus on outside learning using our Forest School area and local area such as the beach to enrich our provision for physical activity. Our curriculum is designed with our drivers in mind: Compassion, Connection, Curiosity, Courage and Conservation.

Our PE curriculum is aligned closely to our PSHE curriculum on Health and Well-being and through this we promote the link between physical and mental well-being. We understand the impact that regular physical activity has on both the body and mind and to this end our curriculum aim is to ensure that physical activity becomes an integrated part of our children’s lives, now and in the future.

Our PE curriculum is also closely aligned to our Outdoor and Adventurous Activities programme, ensuring that our children experience a wide range of challenging activities on residential trips in Year 4, 5 and 6 including climbing, kayaking, coasteering, archery, abseiling, mountain biking, trail walking and raft building. Our children learn to take risks and challenge themselves and as a result grow in both physical and mental confidence.

Living in Cornwall, we place great importance on sea safety and our Year 4,5 and 6 children take part in Surf and Water safety days such as Hit the Surf and visits from the RNLI. Year 4 and 5 children also attend regular swimming lessons at our local pool.

Our PE curriculum is also designed to ensure that there is a balance between individual, partner, small group and team activities as well as developing the role of the referee and spectator. Through this we ensure our children understand the importance of respect, fair-play, cooperation and sportsmanship. We also promote the importance of resilience and personal best.



Our PE curriculum is delivered through 2 weekly lessons, extra-curricular activities, adventurous activity residentials, surf and water safety programmes and Forest Schools.

All units are designed to be revisited where previous skills are secured before moving on. Each unit also has a focus so that skills are incrementally built on as children progress through the school. There are also units that focus on health-related activities as well as on competitive sport. The range of units ensures breadth and balance between individual and team pursuits and exposure to a wide variety of activities.

Each unit is clearly planned with a coherent teaching sequence. We draw on planning from the PE resource bank and Arena Schemes of Work as well as employing a specialist Forest School teacher and Plymouth Argyle Football Academy coaches.

Each unit is supported by a knowledge Organiser which ensures that the correct knowledge, skills and vocabulary are taught and built on from previous years. They also enable the teacher to accurately assess against age-related expectations and understand where the learning fits into the child’s learning journey through the school.

Each lesson also focuses on the impact of exercise on the body, where children are given opportunities to reflect on how they feel both physically and mentally and on the values of respect, equality, fairness, honesty, cooperation and sportsmanship. Opportunities for revision, practise, evaluating own and others’ performance and refining skills are built into every lesson.  In order to ensure fair access to all, adaptions are planned for and tasks may be differentiated to offer additional support, close learning gaps or offer additional challenge.


At St Agnes Academy, we have 3 measures of curriculum impact, all of which are essential in ensuring that our children make excellent progress, are ready for the next phase in their learning journey and are well-rounded, thoughtful and responsible individuals. Our 3 measures are:

  1.     What we learn
  2.     Who we are
  3.     How we behave

We ensure that our curriculum has the intended impact by employing a range of assessment and teaching and learning strategies. We assess during each lesson using observations, questioning and discussion and make end of unit summative judgements based against the Knowledge Organisers. We adapt our teaching at both the planning and delivery stage to provide the scaffolding or challenge necessary for children to make excellent progress. Our PE and Sport Council provide vital feedback regarding the success of our PE offer. The council is made up of a wide range of children who may or may not be actively engaged in physical activity to ensure that all voices are represented.

Our children will be able to confidently talk about the benefits of physical activity on their well-being and engage in a wide variety of physical activities. They will be able to reflect on their own and other’s performances and practise to improve and refine their practise. Our children will demonstrate the values of sportsmanship and will be able to challenge themselves and take risks. They will become lifelong participants in physical activities and reap the benefits of greater physical and mental health as well as community and friendship.


Our PE curriculum lead is Matt Howes
Our Outdoor and Adventurous Activities lead is Jen Dykwer-Newsome
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